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Involuntary erections and oxytocin in massages

I’ve had an overwhelming response to my articles about massage and nudity and a lot of questions about involuntary erections and ejaculations during a massage. It is one of those questions only a very few dare ask openly. To sum up what I’ve written in my previous posts and answered people who’ve mailed me.

Erections during massages happen and are quite natural. In most cases the client has no control over it at all. It is pretty easy to tell when an erection is sexually charged and most often the client is more embarrassed than the therapist about what’s happening. The same seems to be true for ejaculations and often there’s no orgasm involved at all. Women too can experience these things, though rarely is it noticeable.

I’ve been struggling to find a natural reason why these things happen that goes beyond physical touch, relaxation, erogenous and sensitive areas etc has been ruled out. I’ve had discussions with readers where I just have to admit that I can’t find the reason why an erection or ejaculation happens when it’s so strongly against the wishes and desires of the person.

Reading up on the hormone oxytocin I came across some rather interesting information. Oxytocin serves many roles and I’ll cover some of these in later articles. What had me remember my reader’s questions is that the hormone is closely tied to arousal, erection and ejaculation. It’s one of those hormones which peak during sexual activity and orgasm.

Oxytocin is also released during massage and touch when there is trust between the therapist and the client. Paul J. Zak wrote in one of his articles on oxytocin studies: “Adding massage [to an expression of trust] was like putting the human oxytocin system on steroids

This brings me to my theory is of might what be happening during some of the involuntary erections.
When a person receives a massage and trust exist between the therapist and client, oxytocin is released into the blood. High levels of oxytocin can lead to erections and in some cases ejaculation (the hormone is needed for the contractions during an ejaculation).

If my theory is true it might explain why some people experience these situations and why nothing they try to do seems to make a difference. It might simply be that the oxytocin released because of the massage causes the erection and/or ejaculation. Something that’s completely outside the control of either therapist or client.

Not all people experience this of course, which isn’t completely odd either. Our brains are wired differently, as are the receptors for the hormone. Some people are insensitive to oxytocin as their receptors can’t quite switch off and on. Others might lack production and so on. The research into the area is still new and there’s a lot we don’t know about the hormone yet. It seems certain though that it’s a very important hormone for our wellness and health and that it influences many different aspects of our lives.

To learn more about oxytocin you can start here:

About Pia Poulsen

Pia Poulsen is educated as a wellness massage therapist at Institut FIGARI in Paris, from where she passed her certification exam in January 2008. Since then she has expanded her skills to become the first Advanced LaStone® practitioner in France as well as a certified LaStone® instructor.


7 Responses to “Involuntary erections and oxytocin in massages”

  1. It is best if you can keep seeing the same therapist that way you get used to her tuch and erections do not come very often.
    And the therapist will all so do more of your body because of the trust you get between you

    Posted by Anonymous | Sunday 13 June, 2010, 18:28
  2. Dear John,

    Yes, you are completely right. The more you know your therapist, the more relaxed and comfortable you will be during the massage and less the risk of erection will be.

    I don't know if I agree that the therapist will massage more of your body because she knows you better. At least in my own situation that's not the case. What comes from familiarity is rather more exploration of different techniques and more efficient work as I know the body better and know where it needs attention.

    First time clients often receive a fairly uncomplicated massage without too many advanced techniques. As we get to know each other, I employ more and more different techniques and even experiment at times with new ones.

    I always massage the buttocks (if they're in the nude), though Pectorales not until later as it's a more advanced technique that I use.


    Posted by Pia | Friday 25 June, 2010, 08:23
  3. Hi Pia,

    Every day I learn new revelations about the human system, especially as it pertains sexual function and abilities.

    However, what you've just revealed in this article sound a little bit off to me.

    Not that I am doubting your piece, however I am intrigued.

    Now you wrote, “…I just have to admit that I can't find the reason why an erection or ejaculation happens when it's so strongly against the wishes and desires of the person.”

    Pia, that part that says I can have erection without my wish is a bit acceptable to me. But ejaculating without my consent and wishes? How can it be or happen?

    I think you may have to provide more ideas. I will monitor this post.

    Posted by Jim from Male Enhancement Tips | Monday 13 December, 2010, 15:17
  4. I have involuntary erections during massages with my regular massage therapist and sometimes there is a little bit if pre-ejaculate at the tip of my penis.

    I notice that this makes my therapist uncomfortable but I haven't talked to her directly about it.

    I get a massage every two weeks, and this doesn't happen every time. Still I'm wondering if you suggest I talk directly to my female LMT (who is also my friend) about this.

    Posted by Anonymous | Monday 10 January, 2011, 00:02
  5. Dear Anonymous,

    I always recommend openness and bringing up all concerns and questions you have with your therapist. By remaining silent we give growth to assumptions and lose touch with what might actually be going on as our imagination makes things up.

    Good luck bringing up such a sensitive topic.


    Posted by Pia | Wednesday 23 February, 2011, 22:38
  6. Hello Pia,

    I have had involuntary erections and even had an orgasm a few times while recieving massage therapy. I have always tried every trick in the book to distract myself to prevent them from occurring. In fact I have tried to stop them to the point of ruining a massage session by being so uptight. I believe your theory on the release of Oxytocin has a lot of merit. If I like my massage therapist and want to keep getting massages from her, I will have an open discussion about the arousal and possible orgasm. I have only had this discussion with two therapists. It was a good discussion both times and both of them assured me it was not a problem. Having the discussion relieved my anxiety and prevented me from feeling totally embarassed. It is worth having the discussion with your therapist if you want to continue to have a stress free massage.

    Posted by Anonymous | Wednesday 11 May, 2011, 05:11
  7. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.


    Posted by Pia | Sunday 22 May, 2011, 07:37