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Aromatherapy in massage

In many massages massage oils are used. The oil makes the massage more fluid and reduces the friction against the skin so the work on the muscles becomes deeper and better. The massage oil also nourishes and moisten the skin.

Massage oils often use aromatherapy. The essential oils not only serves to help relax sore muscles and aid skin conditions or digestion, but also affect the mood, relaxation and feelings during and after the massage.

A good massage oil will not contain much essential oil. It is not needed, and too strong a solution might irritate the skin and enhance the risk of allergic reactions. 10 drops of essential oil is normally enough for 100 ml carrier oil. Double amount can safely be used, but is rarely necessary to create a nicely scented massage oil.

To further use essential oils during a massage, an infuser can be employed to give the room a fragrance that correspondents with the massage oil used. Scented candles are not recommended since they burn the oils instead of evaporate them.

It is mostly for the mental and psychological aspect that aromatherapy is used in massage. By choosing the right scents for a person a certain mood can be set and the fragrances can aid the relaxation.

When paying attention to the mental effects of scents, a massage oil can be created which not only eases muscular tensions, but also releases psychological pain and stagnation. A massage then becomes a holistic treatment healing both body and mind. By using essential oils in your massages, you create not only a physical treatment, but a holistic massage, working on body, mind and emotions as a whole.

Since the essential oils can affect a person very strongly emotionally and cause irritations and skin issues, it’s important to be careful on how they are used and follow the safety guidelines there are for essential oils.

It is a wonderful world to explore and can make a large difference in a massage.

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