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Why do we think pain is good?

Image via Wikipedia A while ago I wrote an article about misunderstood touch, and how touch becomes sexually charged. Recently I wrote about if a massage should hurt, discussing the misconception that a massage must be painful in order to do any real good. There are probably many reasons why people think pain is necessary … Continue reading »

Should a massage hurt?

Image by +whup+ via Flickr Due to confusion let me add:  In the massage world we often operate between two definitions of pain. Good pain and bad pain.  When I write hurt in this article, I am referring to bad pain. Bad pain is when the muscles tense up, you feel like screaming and just … Continue reading »

Involuntary erections and oxytocin in massages

I’ve had an overwhelming response to my articles about massage and nudity and a lot of questions about involuntary erections and ejaculations during a massage. It is one of those questions only a very few dare ask openly. To sum up what I’ve written in my previous posts and answered people who’ve mailed me. Erections … Continue reading »

Massage and Trust

Do you know the intent of your massage therapist? The reason why she or he is a massage therapist and enjoys giving you a massage? Are you certain that every single touch is fully professional? Can you be sure your therapist is evaluating your body for professional reasons only? Do you know the reason for … Continue reading »

Guilt of enjoying touch

Guilt and shame over enjoying a massage is more common than one would expect. Many feel guilt over relaxing and doing nothing. Others feel guilt over pampering themselves. Some feel guilt over spending the money. And others again feel guilt over enjoying the physical touch and the sensuality of the massage. Most of these things … Continue reading »

Is massage for me?

Image via Wikipedia Yes. I can answer yes to that question without hesitation. Practically all people can receive a massage. Due to various contraindications, the type and style of massage that suits you the best might vary. But everybody can benefit from and enjoy a massage. Many people let questions and uncertainties stop them from … Continue reading »

Massaging pectoralis major, importance and benefits

Image via Wikipedia Not many try to have their chest muscles (pectoralis major) massaged. Especially on women there’s the worry about the breasts and a massage becoming too intimate or crossing lines. This is rather unfortunate as it’s a very important muscle to have massaged, especially when dealing with shoulder and upper back problems due … Continue reading »

Misunderstood touch

Touch is often seen as something sexual and sensual, an erotic expression between lovers. And as result, we withdraw our touch and become nervous about touching. A touch from a stranger invades our personal space even if it’s by accident in the metro. A father caressing and massaging his child is suspected of ulterior motives. … Continue reading »

Massage and overweight

Overweight is usually not a problem when giving a massage to a client. The massage therapist is trained to take it into consideration and knows how to deal with what issues might arise. As with body hair the massage therapist will not be judging or evaluating the looks and attractiveness of the client. We are … Continue reading »

Massage and body hair

Many people are very self-conscious when they first place themselves on a massage table and they are worried about their appearances. Body hair is one of the major concerns I have encountered. It is needless to say that this awareness of themselves and worry how they might be perceived can influence how well they can … Continue reading »