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How you feel after a LaStone treatment

Receiving a LaStone® massage is a unique experience for those who have never tried hot and cold stone massage before. People feel their tensions melt away, they sleep better at night, they feel energized and can often feel the good effects of the massage for days afterwards. “The astonishing sensation of the contrasting hot and … Continue reading »

LaStone is unique

There are of course many things that makes LaStone® unique. As it is a continuous education course, the practitioners already are skilled in bodywork. They have a solid foundation upon which they add the work with temperature and stones, thereby enhancing their already existing treatments. My LaStone® expression is a result of both my Massage … Continue reading »

Becoming a LaStone® Instructor

Image via Wikipedia I have some very busy and packed three days ahead of me when I leave for England tomorrow. There’s so much to learn and know in order to teach LaStone®. Most of it which I of course already know and utilize through giving massages as well as writing these blog-posts. But there … Continue reading »

Health considerations in stone massage

Working with temperature and massage always gives rise to considerations and things to be aware of. There are many contraindications in stone massage, though fortunately in most cases they just mean the treatment needs to be adjusted. It is very important that I, as your therapist, am told if you have any medical or health … Continue reading »

About LaStone Therapy by Mary Nelson

Often people ask me what is different about LaStone, “…isn’t it just another stone massage, surely they cannot be that different?” Yet they are different, in many ways; not only is the treatment itself different but the way in which LaStone is taught stands alone from the Other Expressions of Hot Stone Massage. LaStone methodologies … Continue reading »

No one should ever experience a burn in a stone session by Mary Nelson

Following is part of an article Mary Nelson wrote about burns and stone massages. The original article is written for therapists and includes information about the body’s reaction to temperature, burns, how to treat them, treatment plans, stone heating etc. Below are parts of the article which I find relevant for the client to read. … Continue reading »

The benefits of stone massage by Mary Nelson

Image by Taunaki via Flickr I am honoured to feature an article written by Mary Nelson, the founder of LaStone® Therapy. It is always interesting to read the thoughts of someone who’ve worked in a field for so long. The benefits of stone massage and how it differs from other massage therapies By Mary Nelson, … Continue reading »

Wellness at Lamennais

Starting today, I now offer Advanced LaStone® Therapy, Stone Medicine, Shamanic Journey, Ceremonies and Wellness Workshops at 5 rue Lamennais, 75008 Paris. This marks a milestone for me as it is my first independent place to work from. Until now I’ve worked from home, visiting people at their home, or worked freelance for others. Now … Continue reading »

Advanced LaStone Therapy

Image by Taunaki via Flickr An Advanced LaStone® Therapist or Practitioner has a solid grasp of how to work with stones. You must complete at least three full length LaStone® courses, earning 12 points in the internal system. The first course is always Original Body, which introduces you to the stones and how to work … Continue reading »

Benefits of LaStone®

LaStone® sessions are tailor made and unique to the client. The wellness potential of this bodywork system goes beyond measure. Benefits include: The encouragement of a natural healing response within the body Thermotherapy brings supports healing, balance and rejuvenation The use of warm basalt stones helps to create relaxation through a combination of stone placement … Continue reading »