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Get more time in your day

Many of us feel that we’re too busy in our lives to do the things we really want to do. It’s pretty simple though to free up time if you’re mindful of your planning and schedules. Learn to say no It’s important to learn to say no thanks to things and events you don’t really … Continue reading »

Depression affects the immune system

Research has shown that depression can lead to reduced immune functioning. A recent article in Massage Magazine describes how depressed people are more prone to premature ageing of immune cells, “which could in turn open the door to serious illness, such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and dementia.” A challenged immune system does not … Continue reading »

Massage eases depression

Image by darijus via Flickr Massage Magazine has published several articles about how massage can help dealing with depression. Lots of research is being done in the field. Researchers prove many things we as massage therapists intuitively have known for a long while. Now it is backed up by scientific studies and research. This week … Continue reading »

Emotional benefits of massage

When we read about what massage is good for, the majority of focus is placed on physical benefits. This is easy to study and research scientifically, as it can be weighted and measured. There is another aspect to massage which is rarely mentioned. The emotional benefits. How massage affects our feelings, our mood and emotional … Continue reading »

Repetitive Strain Injuries

I came across an article on Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) written by Paul Ingraham which addresses some rather interesting facts and fictions. I highly recommend you read the entire article if you wish to understand the topic in depth and the science behind it. Here I will just give a brief summary. 1) RSIs are … Continue reading »

Stressed – what to do?

Image via Wikipedia Trouble sleeping lately? Grouchy and aggressive? Short-tempered and lacking patience? Tired and worn out? Sore shoulders and headaches? If so, you might very well be experiencing stress. Stress has become a predominant factor in our lives. Luckily it is fairly easy to manage stress once we are aware of the symptoms and … Continue reading »

Massage helps dealing with grief and loss

Image via Wikipedia An article on The Medical News website describes how massage helps bereaved deal with grief and find strength to better deal with the situation. Receiving soothing massages for eight weeks after the death of a loved one can provide much-needed consolation during an intense, stressful period of grieving. Touch can be very … Continue reading »

Stress and tensions

Image by Pandiyan via Flickr Stress has a tendency to settle in the muscles, making them tense and eventually painful. For myself, it’s especially the jaw-muscles which tense up and can become so tense and sore that it can be hard to yawn. For many mothers I’ve treated tension is located in shoulders and back. … Continue reading »

Bewares in Thermal Massage

Image via Wikipedia Not all people should receive massage. There are contraindications and situations where a massage can be directly harmful. When you use heat and cold in a massage, these multiply and you need to be even more aware of the conditions the client has and how to deal with them. Temperature extremes stresses … Continue reading »

Hygiene in massage

Hygiene is very important when you massage, especially in these times where the threat of the new flu is hanging over us. We as therapists are very aware of the situation and take our precautions. For a normal massage we do the following: Wash our hands before and after a massage. Change sheets and towels, … Continue reading »