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How you feel after a LaStone treatment

Receiving a LaStone® massage is a unique experience for those who have never tried hot and cold stone massage before. People feel their tensions melt away, they sleep better at night, they feel energized and can often feel the good effects of the massage for days afterwards. “The astonishing sensation of the contrasting hot and … Continue reading »

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  • Some months ago my blog was hacked and I had to take it offline and make it inaccessible for my readers so I wouldn't pass on any viruses or bad links. This meant to uninstall the blog from the server, make sure the database with more than 185 articles was saved, and then reinstall it all and get the database and the blog to talk together again. Granted, I've been a bit slow as I've had lots of work and other things to do lately. But now we're back online and hopefully back with regular postings as well.
  • Busy busy updating and redesigning the blog. I have moved it from Blogger to a Wordpress platform as the possibilities are just so much greater and I can do so much more in regards to design and layout, as well as functionality. Hopefully we'll be up and running normally within a couple of days. And have found a way to redirect the links which have broken to their rightful position.