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LaStone is unique

There are of course many things that makes LaStone® unique. As it is a continuous education course, the practitioners already are skilled in bodywork. They have a solid foundation upon which they add the work with temperature and stones, thereby enhancing their already existing treatments. My LaStone® expression is a result of both my Massage … Continue reading »

Find the mistakes in this stone massage video

I came across this video recently. This is a very educational video demonstrating how you should -not- give a stone massage. This way the video becomes the perfect educational tool and I will certainly keep it in mind when I’m teaching my students. Take a look at it and see if you can spot the … Continue reading »

Health considerations in stone massage

Working with temperature and massage always gives rise to considerations and things to be aware of. There are many contraindications in stone massage, though fortunately in most cases they just mean the treatment needs to be adjusted. It is very important that I, as your therapist, am told if you have any medical or health … Continue reading »

A world of different Stone Massages

What is a “Stone Massage”? Essentially it is a bodywork modality including the use of stones one way or another. There are many different expressions of stone-work. I say stone-work, because there are expressions which do not include massage or physical manipulation of tissue. The typical perception of a stone-treatment here in France includes passive … Continue reading »

Massage and Pregnancy

Image via Wikipedia There is a very persistent myth in the massage community that pregnant women can’t receive any massages, especially during their first trimester. Fact is that during a normal pregnancy, where there are no other health concerns, a pregnant woman can without risk receive a normal massage. The discussion has been going on … Continue reading »

Wellness at Lamennais

Starting today, I now offer Advanced LaStone® Therapy, Stone Medicine, Shamanic Journey, Ceremonies and Wellness Workshops at 5 rue Lamennais, 75008 Paris. This marks a milestone for me as it is my first independent place to work from. Until now I’ve worked from home, visiting people at their home, or worked freelance for others. Now … Continue reading »

LaStone therapists are unique

Being a LaStone® Therapist isn’t just about learning a new massage routine or learning a new technique. It’s learning a whole new approach to massage and implementing these principles into the different bodywork techniques we already know and use. We learn some routines such as the Original Body or Castle Building. These are very specific … Continue reading »

Creative Stone

Image by Taunaki via Flickr Last year I wrote a post called “Creative Stone” describing a Massage Créatif enhanced by hot stones. As I’ve learned more skills and know my stones better, that writing has become inadequate. Creative Stone is now so much more than just adding a few hot stones to a Massage Créatif … Continue reading »

Four hands massage

Four hands massage is a very unique and special experience. With four hands massaging one client at the same time, it feels like every part of your body is massaged at the same time. The process is really simple – two massage therapists work together to massage a client. Sometimes their moves synchronize, creating a … Continue reading »

Geothermal Therapy Association

GTA, is an association of Geothermal Therapy and Non-Thermal Geotherapy Practitioners, Educators, Vendors and Employers, supporting the safe use of stones combined with body work techniques as a method of wellness. The association was formerly known as Stone Walkers Association, hence the web-address – Their Facebook page can be found at: Geothermal Therapy … Continue reading »