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Healing Hands

Healing Hands the Native American version of healing and energy work. Using hand placements and working with intuition; comfort and healing is offered to the receiver. It is unobtrusive, deeply relaxing and caring. A safe practice for anyone to receive. Some even report how they feel tingles through their body, see colours and seem to … Continue reading »

Balancing the Water Fall

Image via Wikipedia Balancing the Water Fall is a a treatment which aims to balance the flow of energies in the body. Traditionally it is thought that the water in the body is balanced and aligned. Looking at it from an Eastern viewpoint, meridian points are stimulated and the flow of chi in the body … Continue reading »

Smudging rituals

Image by phantasos via Flickr Smudging is an ancient practice found across multiple cultures. Shamanic practices use smoke to cleanse and heal, churches and temples burn incense and smoke is offered as prayer by Native Americans. I use smudging both as a spiritual cleansing, and as a form of focus, meditation and prayer. Depending on … Continue reading »

The Hollow Bone

 Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr A Hollow Bone – Elk vertebrae The Hollow Bone is an approach to healing and energy work, where the Wellness Practitioner does not give healing, but only serve as a tool for the Divine, by whatever name you might call it. Non-practitioners can also benefit from the Hollow … Continue reading »

Tips: Find new energy

Image via Wikipedia Many of us, especially during the darkest days of the year, feel tired and fatigued and just can’t find energy to do what we want or need to do. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to find more energy. All it takes is some lifestyle changes. Remember, focus on a few steps at a … Continue reading »

Tips to a better massage energy

Image by teachingsagittarian via Flickr As mentioned last week, massage is energy exchange. This makes it important that the therapist is aware of the mechanisms and takes that into consideration both before, during and after a massage. There are different approaches, many depending on personal beliefs and experiences. The preparations and practices can be very … Continue reading »

Massage is energy exchange

Image via Wikipedia Massage is much more than a client lying passively in her own world and a therapist just pressing on muscles. There’s an entire unseen exchange taking place, which both actively take part in. It isn’t something that can be measured except by experiencing it. It’s an exchange of emotions, of intent, of … Continue reading »

Stress relief with Cocooning

Image via Wikipedia Cocooning can be a great stress reliever, both from current work stress as well as old emotional wounds. The best way to illustrate this is to use a couple of case studies from some clients I have recently given a cocooning to. One came to me after work with a headache after … Continue reading »