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Client, speak up and be empowered

There is a very common misconception among people that the massage therapist always knows how deep to massage and what is best. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only the client can fully know if a massage is too painful, a stone too hot or a stretch too intense. This is why it is … Continue reading »

What makes a good stone massage?

How do you as a client know that you are receiving a good stone massage? For someone who has never tried geothermal therapy before, it can be hard to distinguish between a qualified therapist with an extensive education, and one who’ve just had a half day course or watched a DVD. This is just a … Continue reading »

Friendships between client and therapist

A while ago I wrote about the relationship between client and therapist. It is generally recommended that a client/therapist relationship never develops into a friendship, even less a romantic relationship. I have been asked if friendships can be appropriate, to which I will say, that in the vast majority of the cases, no they are … Continue reading »

Involuntary erections and oxytocin in massages

I’ve had an overwhelming response to my articles about massage and nudity and a lot of questions about involuntary erections and ejaculations during a massage. It is one of those questions only a very few dare ask openly. To sum up what I’ve written in my previous posts and answered people who’ve mailed me. Erections … Continue reading »

Guilt of enjoying touch

Guilt and shame over enjoying a massage is more common than one would expect. Many feel guilt over relaxing and doing nothing. Others feel guilt over pampering themselves. Some feel guilt over spending the money. And others again feel guilt over enjoying the physical touch and the sensuality of the massage. Most of these things … Continue reading »

Achieve the best massage for yourself

Upon the suggestion from a reader, I here give my advice on how to gain the most benefits from a massage. This is by no means any final list or true for everybody, but aimed to give you inspiration on how to make -your- next massage experience something even better than normally. Before the massage, … Continue reading »

Is massage for me?

Image via Wikipedia Yes. I can answer yes to that question without hesitation. Practically all people can receive a massage. Due to various contraindications, the type and style of massage that suits you the best might vary. But everybody can benefit from and enjoy a massage. Many people let questions and uncertainties stop them from … Continue reading »