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Get more time in your day

Many of us feel that we’re too busy in our lives to do the things we really want to do. It’s pretty simple though to free up time if you’re mindful of your planning and schedules. Learn to say no It’s important to learn to say no thanks to things and events you don’t really … Continue reading »

Stressed – what to do?

Image via Wikipedia Trouble sleeping lately? Grouchy and aggressive? Short-tempered and lacking patience? Tired and worn out? Sore shoulders and headaches? If so, you might very well be experiencing stress. Stress has become a predominant factor in our lives. Luckily it is fairly easy to manage stress once we are aware of the symptoms and … Continue reading »

Stress and tensions

Image by Pandiyan via Flickr Stress has a tendency to settle in the muscles, making them tense and eventually painful. For myself, it’s especially the jaw-muscles which tense up and can become so tense and sore that it can be hard to yawn. For many mothers I’ve treated tension is located in shoulders and back. … Continue reading »

Massage and stress

Massage is a good way to relax and relieve stress, not to mention it provides several other health benefits. Stress causes muscular tension, an impaired digestive system, a high blood pressure, and reduced immune system. It gives trouble with sleep, anxiety, lack of patience and even depression. With a good massage, tense muscles can be … Continue reading »

Be effective and reduce stress

Often stress is caused by a lot of tasks and matters which demand our attention and time. By becoming more effective and productive, we will suddenly find ourselves with energy, which in return reduces our stress levels. There are some simple steps which can be taken: Dedicate yourself Don’t delay doing things Divide big projects … Continue reading »

Types of stress

There are three types of stress: Acute stress Episodic acute stress Chronic stress Each type of stress will require different approaches. Acute stress is familiar to most of us. It’s the type of stress most people think of when they say stress. Deadlines, a fight, the thrill of sky-diving, an exam, changes in lives, jobs, … Continue reading »

Causes of stress

Change causes stress as does a crisis of one form or another. The causes of stress can be both positive events as well as negative. It is caused by things which changes our situation one way or another. This is why it can so stressful to have your daily routine changed. Stress can be caused … Continue reading »

What is stress?

Stress is nature’s survival mechanism for humans. It is a physiological and psychological response to events which upset us or our balance. In stress situations the body prepares for two responses, flight or fight. This means that stress-hormones, such as adrenaline, are released into the bloodstream in order to make our body and mind perform … Continue reading »

Preventing work related stress

Our professional lives will be a constant source of stress. It is important to manage stress in your work life. It will not only make your work easier and more effective, but will also give you room to truly relax when you are off work. Make a plan for your long-term goals. Be qualified to … Continue reading »

Preventing stress

There are several things that can be done to prevent stress. The essential is to limit the number of things you feel you need to do or take care of. To give time to yourself and your own relaxation in spite of duties hanging over your head. Get your life organized so your ambitions are … Continue reading »