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About LaStone Therapy by Mary Nelson

Often people ask me what is different about LaStone, “…isn’t it just another stone massage, surely they cannot be that different?” Yet they are different, in many ways; not only is the treatment itself different but the way in which LaStone is taught stands alone from the Other Expressions of Hot Stone Massage. LaStone methodologies … Continue reading »

No one should ever experience a burn in a stone session by Mary Nelson

Following is part of an article Mary Nelson wrote about burns and stone massages. The original article is written for therapists and includes information about the body’s reaction to temperature, burns, how to treat them, treatment plans, stone heating etc. Below are parts of the article which I find relevant for the client to read. … Continue reading »

The benefits of stone massage by Mary Nelson

Image by Taunaki via Flickr I am honoured to feature an article written by Mary Nelson, the founder of LaStone® Therapy. It is always interesting to read the thoughts of someone who’ve worked in a field for so long. The benefits of stone massage and how it differs from other massage therapies By Mary Nelson, … Continue reading » – your resource to wellness

Finally, we’re here! Taunaki is launching and I’m all excited about it. It’s an event I’ve worked towards for more than a year. And since September I’ve been working more or less full time on the project. It’s been a very exciting process, very interesting and it’s taught me a lot. I must admit I’ve … Continue reading »

Pause due to another project

I will be taking a shorter pause from writing Massage and Wellness articles, while I focus on another project I have been working on for quite a while now. You can read the latest news at: My great project is of course related to Wellness and I have been busy creating web pages, working … Continue reading »

5 Benefits of Being a Professional Massage Therapist

People choose jobs for many different reasons. Some pick their job based on security, others on happiness, and still others because they feel passionate about the way their job impacts others’ lives. For many professional massage therapists, their work brings all of these things into play, along with certain other benefits that many other professions … Continue reading »