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Massage deals with low back pain

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that massage is almost twice as effective than traditional treatment (medication and physical therapy) for chronic low back pain. The interesting part here is, that the massage group was split into two. One group received full body relaxation massage (often called Swedish massage, and the … Continue reading »

Emotional benefits of massage

When we read about what massage is good for, the majority of focus is placed on physical benefits. This is easy to study and research scientifically, as it can be weighted and measured. There is another aspect to massage which is rarely mentioned. The emotional benefits. How massage affects our feelings, our mood and emotional … Continue reading »

Massage and Pregnancy

Image via Wikipedia There is a very persistent myth in the massage community that pregnant women can’t receive any massages, especially during their first trimester. Fact is that during a normal pregnancy, where there are no other health concerns, a pregnant woman can without risk receive a normal massage. The discussion has been going on … Continue reading »

Connecting and beginning the massage

I aim to connect properly with every client before I start the massage. I will make sure we’re on the same page, that we’re both ready for the work to be done and that I’m aware of your needs in this present moment. As I want to tune into your breath, and sense where some … Continue reading »

Client, speak up and be empowered

There is a very common misconception among people that the massage therapist always knows how deep to massage and what is best. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only the client can fully know if a massage is too painful, a stone too hot or a stretch too intense. This is why it is … Continue reading »

Massage at home?

There are reasons to choose to have a massage in your own home, and there are reasons not to. When it comes to it, it all comes down to your temperament and what you value important in regards to relaxation. If you’re in doubt if having a massage at home is for you, look at … Continue reading »

What is wellness massage?

The expression wellness massage is fairly new, though the concept has been around for years. Often they’re called relaxation massages. Relaxation massage is not quite the same as wellness massage. Nor is wellness massage to be confused with therapeutic massage. There are some distinct differences, which I will explain below. Let’s define Wellness first: the … Continue reading »

Defining the sensual touch

Image via Wikipedia It can be difficult to discuss massage with others if we don’t have the same definition of words. In France there’s typically a focus on a loving and sensual touch during a massage. A touch that’s nourishing and deeply compassionate. Where you connect and awaken the senses of the other person. When … Continue reading »

Should a massage hurt?

Image by +whup+ via Flickr Due to confusion let me add:  In the massage world we often operate between two definitions of pain. Good pain and bad pain.  When I write hurt in this article, I am referring to bad pain. Bad pain is when the muscles tense up, you feel like screaming and just … Continue reading »

Beware of the sun after a massage

Now that the sunny weather has arrived, there’s a reason for caution. Massage oils often contain essential oils, which jave pleasant fragrances and can help you in many different ways. One thing that many people don’t realize is that some essential oils can make the skin very photo-sensitive. This means that after the appliance of … Continue reading »