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Why cold stones

When I first mention to people that I use hot -and- cold stones they usually pause, apprehensive of the cold. Who can blame them. When I say cold, most people instantly think of cold weather, snow, an ice-cube down the back, freezing fingers and a bunch of other uncomfortable things. A massage is after all … Continue reading »

How to treat your massage stones

 Image by Taunaki via Flickr Sunbathing stones. There are several things you should take into consideration when you take care of your massage stones. Sanitation is the most important factor and must never be neglected. I wrote about general hygiene a while ago, and will here share the official guidelines from the Geothermal Therapy Association. … Continue reading »

What stone heater and why

You might ask if it really matters what stone heater you invest in when you do stone massages. There are many heaters out there and it’s tempting to buy one that’s cheap, especially as stones can be rather expensive as well. My answer is, yes, it matters and it matters a lot. I was fortunate … Continue reading »

Properties of massage stones

It is no coincidence that the stones I use in my massages are those they are. Not only are their thermal properties important, but also the nature of the very stone plays an important role. Stones are harvested with respect for nature and treated well. Time is taken to find the right basalt stones which … Continue reading »

My massage stones

As I wrote last week in “The good, the bad and the ugly hot stone”, it’s important to choose the right stones for your hot stone massages. Therefore I think it’s only appropriate that I show you the rocks and stones I use in my LaStone therapy, as well as my Creative Stone massages. Please … Continue reading »

The good, the bad and the ugly hot stone

Image by Caro’s Lines via Flickr Not that any stone is ugly, but there are good and bad stones when it comes to Hot Stone Massage. It matters what size and shape the stones used for a Hot Stone Massage are and what they’re made from. Energy-wise it matters how the stones were harvested and … Continue reading »

Hygiene in massage

Hygiene is very important when you massage, especially in these times where the threat of the new flu is hanging over us. We as therapists are very aware of the situation and take our precautions. For a normal massage we do the following: Wash our hands before and after a massage. Change sheets and towels, … Continue reading »

Effects of hot and cold

Physiotherapists and medical professionals have long used both hot and cold for treating injuries and pains. Sports people apply cold packs on muscles after heavy exercise, they use hot packs to reduce tightness and pain in muscles. Hot and cold is a very effective treatment method of muscles and the body. The effects of heat: … Continue reading »

Massage oils blends

Image by Taunaki via Flickr I use different massage oils depending on who I massage and what extra effects I want added to my massage. Sometimes I mix oils specifically for one client. Most often though, I use one of my standard blends and from session to session pick the one I feel will be … Continue reading »


Image via Wikipedia When you use the chest instead of with the stomach (diaphragm) to breathe, you can cause trigger points and tensions the upper chest and back. This can result in headaches, numbness and pains in chest, arm, shoulder and hand. For instance the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by tensions … Continue reading »