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Depression affects the immune system

Research has shown that depression can lead to reduced immune functioning. A recent article in Massage Magazine describes how depressed people are more prone to premature ageing of immune cells, “which could in turn open the door to serious illness, such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and dementia.” A challenged immune system does not … Continue reading »

Massage eases depression

Image by darijus via Flickr Massage Magazine has published several articles about how massage can help dealing with depression. Lots of research is being done in the field. Researchers prove many things we as massage therapists intuitively have known for a long while. Now it is backed up by scientific studies and research. This week … Continue reading »

Defining the sensual touch

Image via Wikipedia It can be difficult to discuss massage with others if we don’t have the same definition of words. In France there’s typically a focus on a loving and sensual touch during a massage. A touch that’s nourishing and deeply compassionate. Where you connect and awaken the senses of the other person. When … Continue reading »

Six steps to increased body awareness

Last year I wrote an article about body awareness and how we walk through most of our lives not aware of our bodies and the signals it sends us. The article focused mainly on the physical aspects of body awareness and how massage therapy helps you increase body awareness. Recently I came across a website … Continue reading »

Why do we think pain is good?

Image via Wikipedia A while ago I wrote an article about misunderstood touch, and how touch becomes sexually charged. Recently I wrote about if a massage should hurt, discussing the misconception that a massage must be painful in order to do any real good. There are probably many reasons why people think pain is necessary … Continue reading »

Should a massage hurt?

Image by +whup+ via Flickr Due to confusion let me add:  In the massage world we often operate between two definitions of pain. Good pain and bad pain.  When I write hurt in this article, I am referring to bad pain. Bad pain is when the muscles tense up, you feel like screaming and just … Continue reading »

Misunderstood touch

Touch is often seen as something sexual and sensual, an erotic expression between lovers. And as result, we withdraw our touch and become nervous about touching. A touch from a stranger invades our personal space even if it’s by accident in the metro. A father caressing and massaging his child is suspected of ulterior motives. … Continue reading »

Body awareness

It can be difficult to keep awareness of our body and notice how it feels when life is so full of inputs and information we need to digest constantly in order to stay on top of things. How can we expect ourselves to remember to notice how our body feels when the boss is bickering … Continue reading »

The importance of touch

Touch is the most important sense we humans have. It is essential to our well-being and health, our perception of ourselves and our growth. Without touch we would wither away and in extreme cases even die. In the 13th century Frederic II carried out an experiment to see how children would develop language when denied … Continue reading »