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Defining the sensual touch

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It can be difficult to discuss massage with others if we don’t have the same definition of words. In France there’s typically a focus on a loving and sensual touch during a massage. A touch that’s nourishing and deeply compassionate. Where you connect and awaken the senses of the other person.

When we speak of a sensual touch in massage, we mean a touch that pertains to the senses and physical sensation. We speak of a massage that helps the recipient to awaken their five senses.

Touch from the hands of the therapist. Scent from the essential oils and incenses. Sound from the music being played during the massage. Often sight and taste are included by the environment in the massage room and a cup of tea after the massage.

Many associate sensuality with eroticism and sexuality, which is a great shame as they are not the same. The word sensual has been used in an erotic context for so long that they’ve become the same in the mind of people, even dictionaries tend to define sensual as erotic first and non-erotic second.

According to “sensual” is: “of or pertaining to the senses or physical sensation; sensory”.
Perhaps sensory is a better word to use, if we’re to avoid misunderstandings and wrong associations.

What do you think?

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Pia Poulsen is educated as a wellness massage therapist at Institut FIGARI in Paris, from where she passed her certification exam in January 2008. Since then she has expanded her skills to become the first Advanced LaStone® practitioner in France as well as a certified LaStone® instructor.


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