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Creative Stone

Image by Taunaki via Flickr Last year I wrote a post called “Creative Stone” describing a Massage Créatif enhanced by hot stones. As I’ve learned more skills and know my stones better, that writing has become inadequate. Creative Stone is now so much more than just adding a few hot stones to a Massage Créatif … Continue reading »

Creative Stone

Image by cobalt123 via Flickr Combining the hot stones with massage creates amazing results. LaStone and Massage Créatif compliments each other beautifully and carry the same energy and purposes. The two therapies can be combined in several ways, depending on the needs and requirements of the client. One way is to use the hot stones … Continue reading »

What to expect from a Massage Créatif

A Massage Créatif is a full body massage, which combines soft strokes with deep massage, as well as stimulates pressure points, employ stretching and massage of the hands, feet and head. The entire body will be massaged during the hour or one and a half hour a massage lasts. You will come out from the … Continue reading »

More about Massage Créatif

A Massage Créatif employs many different massage methods, but is based on classical massage (also called Swedish massage), Californian massage and Shiatsu. By merging the various massage forms and expanding upon the knowledge gained by each school, it has become possible to create an encompassing massage which takes the best elements from these massage forms. … Continue reading »

What is Massage Créatif

A Massage Créatif aims toward treating the person as a whole. Working on the muscles in depth where it is particularly needed, soothing and caressing others, while relaxing the entire body and helping the mind to let go of daily worries and concerns. Through knowledge and intuition; compassion, fingers, hands and arms are employed to … Continue reading »