Sacred Strokes

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Advanced LaStone Therapy

Image by Taunaki via Flickr An Advanced LaStone® Therapist or Practitioner has a solid grasp of how to work with stones. You must complete at least three full length LaStone® courses, earning 12 points in the internal system. The first course is always Original Body, which introduces you to the stones and how to work … Continue reading »

The Three Relations

A The Three Relations layout The full treatment, The Three Relations is a combination of gentle facial massage with hot and cold stones, energy work and emotional boost. With ceremony the stones are used and placed in accordance with ancient Stone Medicine traditions. Protection, empowerment, connection to Creator, removal of the old mask and applying … Continue reading »

Balancing the Water Fall

Image via Wikipedia Balancing the Water Fall is a a treatment which aims to balance the flow of energies in the body. Traditionally it is thought that the water in the body is balanced and aligned. Looking at it from an Eastern viewpoint, meridian points are stimulated and the flow of chi in the body … Continue reading »

Bury the Soul

Sacred Strokes – Bury the SoulDeeply relaxing and comforting. When you take Castle Building and Cocooning back to their roots you begin at Bury the Soul. Bury the Soul is an old Native tradition, where the recipient is literally buried in stones and rocks. Under ceremony and with several people participating in the stone placement. … Continue reading »

Sacred Strokes

Sacred Strokes – The Three Relations.Gentle facial massage combined with stone placement. The Sacred Strokes is a collection of various stroke sequences and sessions, many with ancient shamanic roots. The focus and intent is on spiritual and emotional healing, rather than a physical treatment. Each Sacred Stroke is a sequence of stone placement and motion, … Continue reading »

Sacred Symbols

A Sacred Symbol is a lay-out of the stones used during a treatment. When the stones are taken off the client, they’re placed ceremoniously on the floor in a pattern by the therapist. Creating Sacred Symbols is an ancient Native American practice used in Inyan Pejuta – Stone Medicine. Originally there would be Stone Walkers … Continue reading »