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My massage stones

As I wrote last week in “The good, the bad and the ugly hot stone”, it’s important to choose the right stones for your hot stone massages. Therefore I think it’s only appropriate that I show you the rocks and stones I use in my LaStone therapy, as well as my Creative Stone massages.

Please allow me to introduce my massage stones to you.

Hot massage stonesImage by Taunaki via Flickr

These are my twelve massage stones. I use them for general and overall massage of the entire body. They’re smooth to the touch and keep their temperature for a nice long while. The tingsha have a diameter of 7 centimetres to give you a comparison.

There are six pairs ranging from large to medium in size (compared to my hand at least). Once you’re used to the stones, it’s easy to pick and feel which stone pairs with which stone. It’s like they just fit together as a team and work in unison.

The larger stones I typically use on the legs and the back, while the two smaller pairs are used for the arms and hands. The more pointy the stones are, the more in depth and detailed work I can do.

I use my massage stones the most, along with my worker stones.

Worker stonesImage by Taunaki via Flickr

The worker stones are generally pointy so they can work deeply into the tissue. They can have odd shapes and you quickly find out which stone is best for what type of work. For instance, the long inward curved stones are great for shoulder work, where the more round ones are good for details on feet for instance.

There are small humps and points on the worker stones that allows for one stone to do several different types of work. Stretching, pressure, precise massage and so on.

It is important that they are comfortable in your hand and you can get a good grip around them.

Spinal layout stonesImage by Taunaki via Flickr

The spinal layout stones are much more specific and great care has been taken to find the right stones for the right positions.

The layout on the photo is not how the spinal layout is.

When starting an Original Body LaStone treatment, the client lies face up and a bed of hot stones is arranged for them to lie on.

All the stones are paired, but otherwise different. Some round and lumpy, some oblong and flat and so on. Each stone has a precise position in the Spinal Layout, and it’ll feel uncomfortable for the client to lie on a layout that’s wrongly made.

In spite of how it sounds, it’s surprisingly comfortable to lie on the hot stones. And also when a couple of cold stones are added for balance and treatment.

Toe and face hot stonesImage by Taunaki via Flickr

Special stones are used for face massage. The two largest stones in this picture are the face stones. They’re very smooth and soft so they feel like baby skin. They’re a pleasure to feel upon your face and are a special experience.

The eight smaller stones, again paired two and two, are used between the toes of the client. The smallest stones go between the smallest toes and the largest stones between the biggest toes.

Those flat warm stones between your toes feel very grounding and comfortable. They’re placed after the feet have been massaged and represent a nice way to keep them warm while the rest of the body receives treatment and attention.

I also tend to use them during my Cocoonings, once the feet have been massaged. They sit between the toes while I smudge the client or massage hands or head.

Grandfather and grandmother stonesImage by Taunaki via Flickr

Grandmother and grandfather are the largest stones in my collection. He weighs 1,41 kilo, while she weighs 680 grams.

He is a wonderful, heavy black stone that really helps with grounding. The time he keeps his heat is incredible. I’ve with great success also used the grandfather stone to massage the stomach. That extra layer between the client and my hands is a reassurance which allows the recipient to relax and receive the massage with a more open heart.

She is beautiful with her deep red colour and is a wonderful stone to lie on when your back is being massaged. You adjust it under your stomach to the most comfortable position and soon you’ll only notice a deeply relaxing warmth and not at all that you’re lying on a stone. I have people who when they turn around have completely forgotten about the grandmother stone.

The small greenish stone is the third-eye stone which is placed upon the brow during an Original Body massage. Often it’s replaced with a crystal, depending on the client.

Chakra stonesImage by Taunaki via Flickr

The Heart stone, made of sardonyx, is placed on the heart. I find it so beautiful and vibrant that I have a hard time giving a massage without it.

The four chakra stones are used during the Original Body treatment. They’re placed along with the Grandfather stone, on the front of the body and the chakra points there.

They have a nice heavy weight and keep their heat for a long time. They’re also wonderful stones to use during the Cocoonings.

Hot basalt stonesImage by Taunaki via Flickr

The top stones are inguinal stones which are used in the chakra placement as well.

The middle pair are the hand-stones which the client holds during the Original Body and Cocooning. They are warm and safe, and it almost feels like you’re holding someone in their hand. When you hold them, you’re never alone even if the therapist walks away from you to get more stones from the heater.

The bottom stone is the pillow stone which is used along with the Spinal Layout. It goes just under your nape, lightly pressing against the edge of the skull.

When the weather is warm, it’s often replaced by a cold stone to help cool the brain and leave the client feeling refreshed and alert after the massage.

Cold stonesImage by Taunaki via Flickr

Finally, meet the cold stones. These are made out of marble and are kept on ice until they’re used.

While cold and ice sounds unpleasant, they bring in the balance in the LaStone. They help cool the body when it has become too warm from the hot stones, they help freshen you up so you’re not all sluggish after a treatment, and then they’re great therapeutically.

The hot and cold combined works like a pump for the soft tissue. The heat makes veins expand and muscles relax. The cold makes the veins and muscles contact, creating a pumping effect which increases circulation in that area.

Again, the cold stones are paired to work together. The different sizes are used at different places on the body. The big flat squarish stones are for under the shoulder blades for instance, while the oblong ones are often used for hands or stretching the nape. The bigger stones on large muscles.

Now you know my 56 hot stones, my 12 cold stones and my one heart stone. This is a basic set for the LaStone Original Body and Cocooning. I’m certain I over the coming years will collect more stones, both  hot and cold during my travels.

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Pia Poulsen is educated as a wellness massage therapist at Institut FIGARI in Paris, from where she passed her certification exam in January 2008. Since then she has expanded her skills to become the first Advanced LaStone® practitioner in France as well as a certified LaStone® instructor.


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