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Find the mistakes in this stone massage video

I came across this video recently. This is a very educational video demonstrating how you should -not- give a stone massage. This way the video becomes the perfect educational tool and I will certainly keep it in mind when I’m teaching my students. Take a look at it and see if you can spot the … Continue reading »

Friendships between client and therapist

A while ago I wrote about the relationship between client and therapist. It is generally recommended that a client/therapist relationship never develops into a friendship, even less a romantic relationship. I have been asked if friendships can be appropriate, to which I will say, that in the vast majority of the cases, no they are … Continue reading »

Massage of friends and family

Image via Wikipedia A therapist often experience that friends and family want free massages or special discounts. It’s natural to ask your friends for help when you have a problem or need something, and what’s more logical than asking the massage therapist who happens to be your daughter, your best friend or even a cousin? … Continue reading »

Massaging in the Zone

Image via Wikipedia Giving a massage can become like meditation for the therapist. Once immersed fully into the massage, the hands seem to be moving on their own and conscious thought is reduced to a bare minimum. My hands just “know” where to massage and what techniques to use. I can place my hands on … Continue reading »

Tips to a better massage energy

Image by teachingsagittarian via Flickr As mentioned last week, massage is energy exchange. This makes it important that the therapist is aware of the mechanisms and takes that into consideration both before, during and after a massage. There are different approaches, many depending on personal beliefs and experiences. The preparations and practices can be very … Continue reading »

My best experiences as a massage therapist

As a massage therapist I’ve had some truly moving moments with clients. Pretty much all massage sessions bring something unique and amazing to me. I learn from each session, I gain insights and great enjoyment from letting my hands and stones heal and help the person lying on the massage table. In spirit of the … Continue reading »

Renew yourself

Image via Wikipedia As a massage therapist, but this is true for all people, it’s important to renew yourself and regularly learn new skills. If you don’t undertake these challenges, there’s a risk of your life growing stale as well as your craft. It’s healthy for your mind to expand and grow your expertise. Not … Continue reading »

The importance of massage exchanges

Image via Wikipedia As a massage therapist it can be hard to remember to take care of oneself regularly, especially if you have a busy schedule and focus on the well-being of your clients. It’s important though that you take time to get a massage often, for those working full time at least once a … Continue reading »