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Workshops at Lamennais

At Lamennais I have the opportunity to offer you workshops. Both as an individual and in small groups (2-5 people). I can teach the following Workshops and Ceremonies: Healing Hands Practitioner – a Native American Wellness Practice. Learn how to serve as a channel for the Energies of Creator.¬†Healing Hands can enhance any bodywork, coaching … Continue reading »

Shamanic Journey

Image by Taunaki via Flickr A Shamanic Journey is a form of guided meditation, using Native American traditions and methods. The experience can be rather powerful, and is usually very enlightening and a stepping stone for personal growth and healing. My own experience taught me new things about myself and also confirmed things I already … Continue reading »

Medicine Wheel

Alter in a circle of stones with prayer ties. Each tribe and even clan have their own version of the Medicine Wheel and how to lay an Alter and tie Prayer Ties. It doesn’t really matter which version you follow or if you even make up your own. The Medicine Wheel is used as a … Continue reading »

Smudging rituals

Image by phantasos via Flickr Smudging is an ancient practice found across multiple cultures. Shamanic practices use smoke to cleanse and heal, churches and temples burn incense and smoke is offered as prayer by Native Americans. I use smudging both as a spiritual cleansing, and as a form of focus, meditation and prayer. Depending on … Continue reading »

Drum making

A drum ready to be laced. With Jenny Ray I had a day of drum-making. It was an awesome experience and I greatly enjoyed crafting my own drum. I was like a child again, in my own happy world, just loving what I was doing in spite of blisters and sore hands. I’m hooked and … Continue reading »