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Finally back online

Some months ago my blog was hacked and I had to take it offline and make it inaccessible for my readers so I wouldn’t pass on any viruses or bad links. This meant to uninstall the blog from the server, make sure the database with more than 185 articles was saved, and then reinstall it … Continue reading »

Book reviews

I always find new books to add to my collection. They serve as inspiration, tools or sources of information. The four books I review this week all serve as sources of information in the work I’m doing, as well as on a personal level.   The Crystal Bible is a must for anyone interested in … Continue reading »

Stone Medicine

Stone Medicine is a shamanic approach to stone massage based on Native American teachings and traditions. The courses are certified by the Geothermal Therapy Association and several courses are also part of the LaStone® certification program. The focus of the courses are on the spiritual aspects of hot and cold stone massage. Each treatment is … Continue reading »

Book reviews – Native American spirituality

If you’re interested in Native American spirituality, these books are some I greatly enjoy. I’ve learned a lot about their view on the world. Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours is a must to read if you work with stone massage and want to understand why Native Americans see stones as “Record Keepers” and … Continue reading »

Technical problems

The blog has experienced some technical problems after the switch from FTP publishing via Blogger to hosting by Blogger (the reason is that Blogger no longer will support FTP publishing, so I had to move). The blog can be found at its new address Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. The old location … Continue reading »

100th blog post

This blog-post is the 100th I’ve written on Massage and Wellness. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all my readers and let you know that I greatly appreciate the feed-back I’ve received over time. Especially the comments on my posts are a great source for inspiration and has allowed me to know what … Continue reading » – your resource to wellness

Finally, we’re here! Taunaki is launching and I’m all excited about it. It’s an event I’ve worked towards for more than a year. And since September I’ve been working more or less full time on the project. It’s been a very exciting process, very interesting and it’s taught me a lot. I must admit I’ve … Continue reading »

Pause due to another project

I will be taking a shorter pause from writing Massage and Wellness articles, while I focus on another project I have been working on for quite a while now. You can read the latest news at: My great project is of course related to Wellness and I have been busy creating web pages, working … Continue reading »