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More about massage and nudity

Nudity in massage will always be affected by regional customs, culture and laws. While many massages clearly will benefit from full nudity, it is not always possible to do so. The most important aspect is to find and do what the client feels most comfortable with. A massage therapist must always adhere to the wishes … Continue reading »

Massage and the sexual aspect

Nudity and intimate touch are in many places considered sexual. As a consequence massage is often associated with sex which poses a large problem for those giving professional non-erotic massages. In some countries regulations and laws have been passed to ensure the separation. Unfortunately there are still many countries where there is no official regulation, … Continue reading »

Massage and nudity

There are certain moral and ethical values which must always be observed during a massage. The client’s level of comfort must be respected at all times, nor must a massage turn sexual in any way. A practitioner is obliged to full discretion and can never reveal any personal information about a client. I have often … Continue reading »