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Wellness – it’s everything

Many people focus on just one or two areas when they begin to focus on wellness. Especially food and exercise are two main targets as it’s directly related to fitness and health. We have learned that in order to prevent a range of diseases and problems we need to work out and eat healthy.

Wellness is just so much more than that. It includes mental health as well. How we feel about ourselves, how our outlook on life is, how we cope with stress and our relationship to other people and our environment.

When begin to consider your wellness plan, you need to include all aspects of your life. You must look at everything there is and see what needs improvement and how you can do things differently. It’s not enough to just focus on one or two areas and think that’s enough to improve your wellness.

It’s important that you consider both your physical, mental and emotional health when you begin to look at your wellness plan.

Physical wellness includes:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Environment
  • Sleep/Relaxation
  • Smoking/drinking/medication
  • Health

Mental wellness includes:

  • Stress
  • Social life
  • Emotions
  • Outlook on life
  • Depressions and blues

Areas to consider:

  • Private life
  • Family life
  • Professional life

It’s important that you consider all the different areas of your life and well-being when you look at your current situation and how you can obtain and maintain your wellness. For some people, it’s also important to incorporate the spiritual life, to have a faith and a belief. Where you know your spot in the world and scheme of things.

Your wellness is like an orchestra, consisting of a number of instruments which create great and beautiful music when they all play in harmony. Just one instrument which is disharmonious and the entire piece of music sounds wrong and becomes a pain instead of pleasure. Make sure all your instruments are in tune and played the right way and with the right tune and force.

About Pia Poulsen

Pia Poulsen is educated as a wellness massage therapist at Institut FIGARI in Paris, from where she passed her certification exam in January 2008. Since then she has expanded her skills to become the first Advanced LaStone® practitioner in France as well as a certified LaStone® instructor.


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