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Creative Stone

Image by cobalt123 via Flickr Combining the hot stones with massage creates amazing results. LaStone and Massage Créatif compliments each other beautifully and carry the same energy and purposes. The two therapies can be combined in several ways, depending on the needs and requirements of the client. One way is to use the hot stones … Continue reading »

What is LaStone Therapy

LaStone Therapy is the original hot and cold stone massage. It is a massage and therapy form that includes the use of hot and cold stones, both passively and actively. Some stones are placed to heat and cool muscles, while other stones are used as a massage tool instead of the hands. The stones do … Continue reading »

Clothed massage

Image via Wikipedia It’s easy to get the impression that you need to undress in order to receive a massage. This is not true. It’s perfectly possible to receive a good and also therapeutic massage even if you’re clothed. The massage techniques used are somewhat different, and the experience will be another compared to a … Continue reading »

Clinical massage therapy

Clinical massage therapy focuses on treating the muscles and client as opposed to relaxation and de-stressing. A good knowledge of anatomy is needed to perform clinical massage therapy, as the work is done on the individual muscles and groups. It’s important to know where they attach, what their functions are, the pain referrals and how … Continue reading »

Trigger points

Trigger point therapy is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more massage therapists incorporate the techniques in their treatments. It is not the same as acupressure, though some trigger points corresponds with acupressure points. A trigger point is defined as; “A highly irritable localized spot of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in a palpable taut … Continue reading »

Chair massage vs table massage

Both seated massage and table massage have their advantages and areas where they are more effective and useful than the other. In general a table massage is good for a full body treatment and complete relaxation and de-stressing, allowing the therapist to work through all areas and muscle groups. A seated massage is good for … Continue reading »

Why get chair massages?

Chair massage is an efficient massage technique to deal with the problems and tensions arising during the course of a day. It effectively addresses the strains and aches which build up in the shoulders, neck and back from extensive work in front of the computer. Seated massage is a sound alternative to the more traditional … Continue reading »

Seated massage (chair massage)

Chair massage is a quick and energizing massage form that is performed while the client is fully clothed. The clients sits on a chair specially designed for comfort and access to the body. Pressure and massage techniques are used to work out the knots and tension which are located in the body. In particular the … Continue reading »

Oriental Massage

Oriental massage takes its inspiration from the Hammams found in Morocco and the other North African countries. The objective of the massage is to stimulate the blood circulation and relax the muscles in depth. This style of massage is often found in the Hammams and will typically last 20 to 30 minutes. The massage is … Continue reading »

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is becoming an increasingly popular massage form, which more and more spas and beauty salons offer. In its essence it is a massage therapy that uses heated basalt stones as a means to warm the muscles and massaging them. It is an ancient therapy form which was made popular when the massage … Continue reading »