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Why get massages

Many ask why should they get a massage. One would think the answer is obvious. A massage feels good, it is relaxing and nice to be pampered and given full attention for an hour or more. It feels wonderful to have skilled hands address all those sore points and just be able to let go and forget about worries and concerns for a while. But there is more to massage, and getting regular massages should be part of any wellness plan.

Massages are not only relaxation. Though receiving a full relaxation massage regularly will greatly improve your wellness. Massage is a preventive health care to improve life quality, release muscular tensions before they become serious problems and increase the overall health.

As discussed in previous articles, stress can cause a wide range of physical and mental problems which can become serious health issues if it is not addressed in time. Stress often reveals its presence by causing tense and tight muscles, which in return causes headaches, muscle pain, stiffness and insomnia. Massage can relieve the symptoms of stress, relax tight muscles and help decrease pain.

Our daily lives place a lot of strain on our body. Repetitive movements and poor postural positions in front of the computer, at the desk, doing housework, taking care of children, lifting etc. causes discomfort, pain and eventually become problems that can significantly decreases life quality and might need medical treatment. Those symptoms will reinforce themselves as pain causes stress which again causes the muscles to tense even further.

By addressing these issues and potential problems early on, several trips to the doctor can be spared and the daily aches that many of us experience can be relieved and avoided. Massage normalizes tense muscular tissue and can help you bring your body back to its natural posture and alignment.

In our modern lives we often experience strains and pains in our backs, shoulders and neck due to working positions. Our body is pulled of the planes of posture and muscles are shortened and stretched unnaturally. Many of our work positions cause our shoulders become internally rotated, our neck to bend and back to slouch. Our range of motion is impaired and can it can easily become painful.

Massage is the most effective method to normalize abnormalities in the soft tissues and restore its range of motion. Medication only addresses the symptoms, but does normally not deal with the cause of the pain. Massage strengthens and stretches the muscles, makes tight shortened tissue relax and gives the lengthened tissue a chance to return to the normal position. Massage helps the body get into its natural alignment.

When the soft tissue has been relaxed and strengthened and the body posture naturally aligned, it needs to be maintained. Here the massage therapist can give advice upon how to keep a good posture, point out what habits you need to change and what you can do to achieve such. Once the body and soft tissue has been normalized, a regular massage will aid you in maintaining your posture and can be used to relieve those anomalies before they become serious problems.

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About Pia Poulsen

Pia Poulsen is educated as a wellness massage therapist at Institut FIGARI in Paris, from where she passed her certification exam in January 2008. Since then she has expanded her skills to become the first Advanced LaStone® practitioner in France as well as a certified LaStone® instructor.


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