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Massage books reviews III

It’s time for a couple of books about trigger point therapy. The Concise book of Trigger Points is a great reference books and aid in learning where the trigger points are located in the muscles. It’s strength is the reference it is, easy to look up in and find out how pain and trigger points are connected.

The book also discusses the body and anatomy briefly, what trigger points are and how they’re formed, and an overview of the different therapeutic technique protocols. There’s an extensive listing of the various body parts, their referred pains and associated trigger points, and finally a brief guide to self-treatment and putting it all together. There are also gives ideas and guidance to strengthening and stretch exercises which can help prevent the trigger points from forming. A must have resource for anyone interested in trigger points and treating them. A great, and easily accessible book to Trigger Point Therapy is The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook – Your self-treatment guide for pain relief.

The book is a rather comprehensive guide to self-treatment using trigger point therapy and both discusses how trigger point therapy can aid people with chronic pains, be used to improve wellness and the author’s own experiences and knowledge.

It has a less clinical approach than the previous book, as it’s aimed at ordinary people wanting to deal with their pains and improve their health. It very well explains what they are, how to massage them, tools to use and then several chapters with one example after the other of how to treat yourself and get rid of pains. Finally there’s a chapter about how to give trigger point massage as a massage therapist or caring friend.

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook doesn’t claim any miracle cures, but explains through care and attention, persistence and attentiveness many people can rid themselves of chronic pain and how that’s backed up by studies and the author’s own experiences when treating others.

It’s a book that anyone interested in helping loved ones, or treating their own pain should have and study. It gives great insight into trigger point therapy, and it really encourages the reader to take charge of their own health and wellness and that we all can do a lot to improve these things.

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