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Massage books review

Some useful books for massage and wellness. This is my first aromatherapy book, or rather, booklet. Since it’s a quick overview of a number of essential oils and their physical and mental properties. A very useful book on aromatherapy focusing mostly on the psychological aspects of aromatherapy. It works from Chinese medicine point of view, involving the five elements, chi-energy, temperature and combining them with Western approaches. There’s also a brief introduction to a light aromatherapy massage. It describes 40 essential oils in depth and is very useful for choosing the right essential oils for a good massage that has a holistic approach. Having a rather scientific approach with lots of analysis of the oils, it can be a dry read. There are a lot of chemical naming, scientific expressions and systematic organisation of the descriptions. A book for those who wants to really get into depth with aromatherapy and treat it as a science. A beautiful book with many photos introducing the reader to aromatherapy and the most commonly used oils and their properties. The second half of the book teaches the reader the basics of classical/Swedish massage with plenty of photos to illustrate the techniques. There are also a few chapters upon self-massage. A good overall introductory read for those interested in learning how to massage and wanting to try things out before attending classes. An easy accessible book teaching the basic massage gestures body part by body part. It also covers massages for seasons, water and cleansing, some stress management as well as a very brief introduction to essential oils and their uses in massage blends. Another good book for beginners wanting to be introduced to massage and try out some basic techniques. A very thorough book on whole body massage, head, feet and body. It teaches the reader about various massage techniques, as well as speaks about the physical and spiritual aspects of the body giving a quick overview over various systems and energy points. It goes into detail on all three massage types (head, body and feet), with very elaborate descriptions and photos. The book also gives self treatment exercises as well as touches upon aromatherapy. This book is recommended to those who wish to learn how to massage and also as a companion to those who already know the basics and would like a brush up and more inspiration on classical massage. A well written and in depth introduction to and textbook in reflex zone therapy, also known as reflexology. It covers the various zones of the feet and how to treat them as well as brings a collection of case-stories serving as educative examples. A good tool for those who implement reflexology into their massages. A good practical introduction to Shiatsu, going step by step through a basic full body Shiatsu treatment. It introduces the reader to the energy concept, as well as covering diet, simple health problems and their treatment, accupressure points, methods of oriental diagnosis as well as shiatsu self-exercises to balance your energy. A good read to get introduced to Shiatsu and learning some basic methods. An in depth guide of Shiatsu written by son of the founder of the Japan Shiatsu College which covers many aspects of Shiatsu. Pressure points, meridians, treatments for a wide range of problems, muscular groups, energies and so on. It is a good teaching book.

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Pia Poulsen is educated as a wellness massage therapist at Institut FIGARI in Paris, from where she passed her certification exam in January 2008. Since then she has expanded her skills to become the first Advanced LaStone® practitioner in France as well as a certified LaStone® instructor.


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