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Tips: Build mental strength

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It is some very simple things that can be done to build mental strength and find what’s needed to deal with the challenges of life. A good step is to increase your energy as I described last week in Tips: Find new energy. When we feel tired and drained we lack the mental strength to deal with our challenges in an optimal way.

There are some very simple things which can be done to build and increase your mental strength.

  • Strength training. When you feel strong and fit physically it’ll automatically make you feel stronger mentally. Strength and being fit gives you confidence and self-esteem.
  • Meditation and/or yoga. Calming yourself and finding balance will inevitably give you mental strength. When you’re calm and posed chaos cease to exist in your mind and you can easier deal with the challenges you’re facing.
  • Time-out. One hour per day, one day per week, at least 4 weeks a year. This time should be shared between relaxing, recreation and socialization. Some things like recreation and socialization can be shared and done at once. It is important to give yourself time to do enjoyable things and give you a break from all worries and stresses.
  • Reduce stress and prioritize your life. I’ve written several articles on the topic of stress which you might find useful.
  • Stop worry and negative thinking. Thoughts can drain us for energy in no time, so if you feel drained and down, you need to either distract your negative thinking or replace the negative thoughts with positive affirmations instead. Circumstances can be rough and out of our control, but we are fully in control of how we react to them and make out of the situation.

Lack of mental strength is a subjective perception, often caused by feeling overwhelmed by circumstances, be it stress, worries, tiredness or emotions. By taking the steps above you go a long way to stop the energy drain and increase your mental strength to a level where you can look at your life and see what tears it down.

Keep in mind that it’s natural to have highs and lows, it’s merely part of life. A couple of days once in a while where you feel weak mentally is nothing to worry about and can simply be your body’s way of telling you to relax and take some time to yourself. It will often take a couple of weeks of daily commitment to fully rebuild your mental strength, so don’t give up before you’ve given it an honest try for at least a month. If it continues and the above doesn’t help, it can be a sign of depression and something you must consult your GP or therapist about.

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