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Renew yourself

Image via Wikipedia As a massage therapist, but this is true for all people, it’s important to renew yourself and regularly learn new skills. If you don’t undertake these challenges, there’s a risk of your life growing stale as well as your craft. It’s healthy for your mind to expand and grow your expertise. Not … Continue reading »


Image via Wikipedia When you use the chest instead of with the stomach (diaphragm) to breathe, you can cause trigger points and tensions the upper chest and back. This can result in headaches, numbness and pains in chest, arm, shoulder and hand. For instance the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by tensions … Continue reading »

Wellness – it’s everything

Many people focus on just one or two areas when they begin to focus on wellness. Especially food and exercise are two main targets as it’s directly related to fitness and health. We have learned that in order to prevent a range of diseases and problems we need to work out and eat healthy. Wellness … Continue reading »

Wellness – starting small

It doesn’t take much to begin to increase your wellness. By starting small you can engage in good habits and one small step at a time improve your wellness to a level where it just takes easy maintenance. It’s important to start small. To focus on only a couple of things at a time so … Continue reading »

Body awareness

It can be difficult to keep awareness of our body and notice how it feels when life is so full of inputs and information we need to digest constantly in order to stay on top of things. How can we expect ourselves to remember to notice how our body feels when the boss is bickering … Continue reading »

7 good reasons to get a massage

There are many reasons to get a massage and the list would be long. Here comes seven very good reasons, seen from a somewhat different angle than the clinical one. To relax and release stress. Massage is a wonderful way to completely relax and let go of worries and troubles for a while. This in … Continue reading » – your resource to wellness

Finally, we’re here! Taunaki is launching and I’m all excited about it. It’s an event I’ve worked towards for more than a year. And since September I’ve been working more or less full time on the project. It’s been a very exciting process, very interesting and it’s taught me a lot. I must admit I’ve … Continue reading »

Wry neck (torticollis)

Wry neck, or torticollis, can happen very suddenly and without any obvious reason. The experts do not agree on what precisely causes it. Sometimes it can be caused by a trauma, a fall, a car accident or a sudden movement. In that case it’s always advisable to see a doctor to rule out more serious … Continue reading »

A few wellness tricks

It doesn’t take that much work to get started on actively caring for and improving your wellness. By starting small and in small steps you can get into the good habits easily without it becoming a big struggle that you need to force yourself to do every day. If you follow through with these few … Continue reading »

Some wellness blogs and sites

Following are some of my favourite wellness related blogs and sites. I regularely check them and find much inspiration and knowledge from these sites. Both professionally and personally. Enjoy. Personal Development with The Positivity Blog – very well written and very positive blog. There’s advice on many different areas of life and how to … Continue reading »