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What to expect from a Massage Créatif

A Massage Créatif is a full body massage, which combines soft strokes with deep massage, as well as stimulates pressure points, employ stretching and massage of the hands, feet and head. The entire body will be massaged during the hour or one and a half hour a massage lasts.

You will come out from the massage feeling relaxed and calm. Tensions have been eased, worries lessened. You will feel lighter, as if a weight has been taken from your shoulders. Your skin will feel soft and be nourished by the oil used for the massage and your system will be busy flushing out the toxins released by the treatment.

First you will be welcomed to a warm room with candles lit and nice scents. A sheet covers the massage table and towels are arranged for your comfort. I will leave the room while you undress and lay yourself on the table. You can be keep your underwear on or be nude as you are most comfortable with. I will wash my hands and mentally prepare myself for the massage. As I enter the room I will inquire if there is anything I need to know about your massage or if you have any pains and problems I must be aware of.

Once you lie comfortably on the table with your face down, I will turn on the music and ask you to just relax and let go for the next hour (or one and a half). I will warm my hands and place them upon your feet with a firm assuring pressure. Then your ankles, calves, thighs, buttocks, back, shoulders, arms and hands. These are slow deliberate firm placements upon your body to build a connection between us and to prepare you for the massage. I will by this first contact get the first hints and clues as to where your body need treatment and care.

Next I will apply the massage oil to my hands. It is fragrant and contains essential oils which will enhance your massage. Perhaps lavender for physical and mental relaxation, perhaps ylang ylang for trust, perhaps geranium for balance and so on. Each oil has special properties and I will chose one of my blends which I sense will benefit you.

A quick brush from heels to back and the oil is applied upon the back with hands and forearms. You would almost think the massage is starting now, but it is merely your back receiving a good oiling. Oil will be applied to your arms as well and then it will be time to treat both your legs. Attending one at a time as you get a clear idea of what to expect from the massage.

Finally the massage itself starts. First one leg will be treated, from heel to buttocks, soft and gentle, deep and thorough, stretching and loosening, all as is needed. Then onto the other leg and the same treatment. Next it is your back’s turn. Working from one side, then the other, all of the back is massaged. Eventually I will stand by your head and massage your shoulders. All the sore spots and tensions which have built will be treated and eased, making you feel as a weight has lifted from your shoulders.

A long glide of my hands over your body, starting at the head and exiting by the feet, then I will gently ask you to turn over. Again oil is applied to your body, the arms first, then stomach and chest and finally the legs. Again preparing you for the massage and helping me know where the tensions are hidden.

I will start the second half of the massage by gently massaging your stomach. Soft circular movements which become stronger and stronger. The sides will be stretched as well before I massage the muscles on the chest and stretch the back.

Next comes the neck and head. Stretches to relax the muscles, pressure point stimulation and finally a scalp or face massage depending on your wishes. Often I have experienced people completely relax at this stage and even fall asleep.

Then onward to the arms and hands, one at a time and finally the legs. Sometimes I will turn a person on to the side to stretch the back muscles from another angle, or lift the legs to work in depth on the muscle or stretch them.

During the entire massage I will use my hands, fingers, arms and even elbows and knuckles to give you the best massage possible. The massage is a mix of classical deep massage, soft caressing massage, Shiatsu inspired stretches and pressure points, reflexology as well as some energy work and inspiration from other massage styles.

To complete the massage I will massage the entire body with long soft strokes ending by the feet and finally cover you with a warm towel. I will quietly exit the room while you slowly come back. Once I have washed my hands, I will bring you a glass of refreshing water and ask how you feel. Depending on you, I will stay or leave while you get up and get dressed again.

Once you are out of the room I will offer you more water to drink and tell you that it is important that you drink a lot of water to wash out the toxins which have been released in your body. We will chat if you desire. I often find that people want to be quiet and not talk while they prepare themselves to leave. Upon occasion some have the need to talk about their experience and I will happily make a cup of tea and sit down to listen to you. You are more than welcome to contact me later to talk about the massage if you want.

With a smile upon their face most people leave, ready to face the challenges of the day and week again.

About Pia Poulsen

Pia Poulsen is educated as a wellness massage therapist at Institut FIGARI in Paris, from where she passed her certification exam in January 2008. Since then she has expanded her skills to become the first Advanced LaStone® practitioner in France as well as a certified LaStone® instructor.


5 Responses to “What to expect from a Massage Créatif”

  1. WOW… thats so sensual sounding…beautiful~

    Posted by Anonymous | Thursday 11 September, 2008, 18:58
  2. Hi, thank you for a really informative blog. I had a question which is a bit sensitive, but I think this is the right article in which to ask it. I had a massage before where during the massage (when I was on my front) the therapist did some stretching moves. One of them was to raise my torso by pulling my arms back, and then she exerted pressure on the buttock and lower back area. The pressure itself was fine, but the movement meant that it was squashing my genitals, which was quite uncomfortable. So my question is whether it is normal for your male clients to “point” their penis downwards when they lie on their front? This would be more comfortable, but I don’t want to give the impression that I am deliberately showing off my bits to the therapist.

    Posted by Anonymous | Saturday 6 December, 2008, 12:20
  3. Dear Anon,Thank you for your kind words, I’m happy you find it informative.As for your question, I have clients who do both, it’s my impression it depends on what is most comfortable for them, size and so on. Keep in mind as well that for most men the testicles will hide the penis, so there will not be much to “show off”.I promise you no professional massage therapist will think you are showing off by pointing your penis downward. The equipment has to be located somewhere and it has to be as comfortable as possible for you. If you feel a bit uncomfortable about it, ask to have a towel cover the area so it doesn’t become a problem.Cheers.Pia

    Posted by Pia | Monday 8 December, 2008, 19:20
  4. This is a great and informative site for us new to massage. I too have an awkward (for me) question. I leave my underwear on during a massage, under a thin drape. I would like to try to go nude and don't mind at all having the therapist see and massage my buttocks as there are lots of muscles there, but I scared of turning over and having my genitals basically exposed through the thin drape. Also the underwear helps in the event of an embarrasing erection which is a huge fear. Any thoughts? Do I discuss this with the therapist?

    Posted by Anonymous | Monday 31 August, 2009, 03:38
  5. Dear Anonymous,

    I would suggest you speak to your therapist about your concern over your modesty should you remove the underwear during a massage. Your therapist might be able to use a thicker sheet, or assure you that nothing can be noticed.

    Alternatively, you can invest in a g-string and use that during massages. This way your genitals are still covered, while leaving your buttocks uncovered and free for massage.

    I'm very happy to hear that the site is informative and helpful to you. That's the entire purpose and my goal. I strongly feel that the more people who knows about massage and all the benefits it brings the better. Massage is such a powerful way to improve wellness and it's a shame there are so many misconceptions and worries about what it is and how it might be perceived.

    Welcome on your massage path. It can be an amazing journey and improve life-quality greatly.


    Posted by Pia | Thursday 3 September, 2009, 07:16