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Improving your massage

The aim of a massage is to make the recipient relax so the muscles can be normalized and stress leave the body and mind. There are several things that you can do to improve your massage. Move slowly. Keep in mind that you want the other person to relax completely, so slow smooth non-jerking movements, … Continue reading »

Trigger points

Trigger point therapy is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more massage therapists incorporate the techniques in their treatments. It is not the same as acupressure, though some trigger points corresponds with acupressure points. A trigger point is defined as; “A highly irritable localized spot of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in a palpable taut … Continue reading »

Massage books reviews II

Below are a few good books to read if you want to get deeper into massage and beyond intuition and general touch. A very good introduction and workbook for chair massage. It gives an introduction to seated massage, advice on equipments, talks about hygiene and safety, contraindications, communication, documentation and treatment plans, descriptions of … Continue reading »

Signals sent via the massage environment

When decorating a treatment room and other areas a client might enter, it’s important to consider what signals that might be sent. One thing is the subconscious signals via colours, plants, music and scents which affect our emotional state. But there is also the more obvious signals to take into consideration. The types of paintings, … Continue reading »

Massage music

Finding the right massage music can make a big difference in how a massage is experienced by the client. The music played will of course depend on the type of massage given, but in the following I will discuss music that is relaxing and aids the client in letting go and receive the massage. For … Continue reading »

Massage oils

Massage oils are used during table massages to ease the passage of the hands over the skin. It is necessary to lower friction as well as to work the muscles properly. The massage oils also nourish the skin and softens it so feels nice afterwards. Essential oils added to the massage oil can give the … Continue reading »

Massage books review

Some useful books for massage and wellness. This is my first aromatherapy book, or rather, booklet. Since it’s a quick overview of a number of essential oils and their physical and mental properties. A very useful book on aromatherapy focusing mostly on the psychological aspects of aromatherapy. It works from Chinese medicine point … Continue reading »

Aromatherapy in massage

In many massages massage oils are used. The oil makes the massage more fluid and reduces the friction against the skin so the work on the muscles becomes deeper and better. The massage oil also nourishes and moisten the skin. Massage oils often use aromatherapy. The essential oils not only serves to help relax sore … Continue reading »


Aromatherapy isn’t a massage form as such, but rather a tool used with various massage techniques. The therapy can also be used with baths, inhaled, as room fragrance, compresses, skin care, and internally. Though massage is probably the most commonly used method to employ aromatherapy and use essential oils. In essence aromatherapy uses essential oils … Continue reading »

Colours and moods

Colours can affect our mood and influence our well-being, not to mention that studies have shown a clear connection between colours and health when used in hospitals. It is accepted that colours affect our mood and can be used to increase energy or make us relax. Colours also hold a high symbolic value and send … Continue reading »