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7 good reasons to get a massage

There are many reasons to get a massage and the list would be long. Here comes seven very good reasons, seen from a somewhat different angle than the clinical one.

  1. To relax and release stress. Massage is a wonderful way to completely relax and let go of worries and troubles for a while. This in return helps you deal with the stresses of daily life and gives you energy to face the challenges you meet.
  2. Improves health. It’s now generally accepted that stress and lack of relaxation noticeably impairs the immune system which in return affects our health. Massages indirectly helps your immune system get back on top to fight off all the viruses and other things which constantly assail us.
  3. Better quality of life. Having a good health improves the life quality for us all. There’s nothing more disastrous for quality of life than having to battle illness after illness and never feel well.
  4. Increased confidence. Having a good health, feeling well and in good shape. Being relaxed and at ease, all increases confidence. Not to mention, being able to accept massages helps you accept your body which in return builds your confidence.
  5. Improved relationships with self and others. Having confidence, a good health and energy and being at ease, all help to build good relationships with others and ourselves as well.
  6. Expansion of possibilities. With confidence, energy and strength, we’re more open to the possibilities and opportunities presented for us and see them easier. And feeling secure in good relationships with ourselves and others gives us the courage to take the opportunity.
  7. Live life to the fullest and find happiness. This last statement might seem a bit assuming. Fact is though that if we are confident, positive, take the opportunities presented to us and are balanced, we are more likely to live life to the fullest and as such find happiness.

It will be too much to state that massage alone can lead to all this. But it certainly can be a great tool to use in order to achieve such. Massage can be the first step on the path and have a great influence on it. Don’t ever underestimate the power of touch and physical well-being as ground for emotional well-being and true happiness. We are complete beings and must take care of all aspects of us. Body, mind and heart. Neglect one and the others will suffer.

With thanks to Amy Leclercq from Lightwork Aesthetic & Bodywork Therapy, for bringing up this way of seeing massage.

About Pia Poulsen

Pia Poulsen is educated as a wellness massage therapist at Institut FIGARI in Paris, from where she passed her certification exam in January 2008. Since then she has expanded her skills to become the first Advanced LaStone® practitioner in France as well as a certified LaStone® instructor.


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