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The importance of strength training

It is important to keep our body in shape and use it regularly, especially with the sedated lives many of us live with computers, cars, television and other modern comforts. It is generally recommended that we do at least half an hour of exercise every day merely to maintain our bodies. If we want to … Continue reading »

Postural distortion

Misalignment of the body often gives pain and injury. When a body is aligned and has a proper posture, the skeleton is supporting the weight of the body and the muscles are just balancing it and providing movement and stability. Poor habits, a bad working position, repetitive work and lack of muscular strength can all … Continue reading »

Stretch exercises

Regular stretching exercises are important if you wish to maintain the benefits of a massage and avoid the strains of poor posture and repetitive work. Stretching also provides good breaks from a work routine and can energize and refresh your mind, which in return improves your work performance. Below is a list of exercises which … Continue reading »

Frequency of massages

How often should you receive a massage. It is a question that is impossible to answer generally since it always depends on the individual in question and their situation. For most people wishing to relax and maintain a normal healthy body, once a month is a suitable frequency. It is often enough that the tensions … Continue reading »

Pain from computer and desk

When we work in front of the computer, we often experience tension, soreness and even pain in the neck, shoulders, back, wrists and arms. These discomforts are usually caused by poor working position at the desk and by repetitive movements. Sitting in front of the computer or at the desk can cause rather severe muscular … Continue reading »

When to get a massage

You should get a massage when you feel like it. For most people that would be rather frequent, but often it is an expense which most can’t afford as regularly as desired. To maintain the best health, try and get a massage when you start to notice the symptoms of stress, or when your muscles … Continue reading »

Why get massages

Many ask why should they get a massage. One would think the answer is obvious. A massage feels good, it is relaxing and nice to be pampered and given full attention for an hour or more. It feels wonderful to have skilled hands address all those sore points and just be able to let go … Continue reading »

Why massage the stomach

The stomach is probably the most sensitive area to massage. It is the most unprotected part of our body, and it can be a strong emotional experience to receive a stomach massage. Physically there are many benefits to an abdominal massage. Stress and emotional tensions are stored in the stomach and can cause digestive and … Continue reading »

The importance of touch

Touch is the most important sense we humans have. It is essential to our well-being and health, our perception of ourselves and our growth. Without touch we would wither away and in extreme cases even die. In the 13th century Frederic II carried out an experiment to see how children would develop language when denied … Continue reading »

Massage and stress

Massage is a good way to relax and relieve stress, not to mention it provides several other health benefits. Stress causes muscular tension, an impaired digestive system, a high blood pressure, and reduced immune system. It gives trouble with sleep, anxiety, lack of patience and even depression. With a good massage, tense muscles can be … Continue reading »