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Eat Massage

Last week I wrote “Eat, Love & Pray Massage“, an article inspired by the book Eat, Pray, Love and how that relates to massage. This week I would like speak about the importance of senses. Massage awakens the senses The physical aspect of massage, especially wellness and holistic massage, is not only about “fixing what’s … Continue reading »

Eat, Pray & Love Massage

Like so many others, I read “Eat, Pray, Love” and was touched by the story and the author’s insights and discoveries. Now as the hype, around the book and coming film, is growing, I began thinking about it again and in my mind the word massage kept popping up. A clear request from my subconsciousness … Continue reading »

Wellness with evening rituals

Image via Wikipedia When I feel confused about things in my life and can’t seem to find the answers to my questions, or even quite figure out what my questions are, I turn to a form of meditation. I have created an evening ritual that fits into my work and philosophies as a massage therapist. … Continue reading »

What is wellness massage?

The expression wellness massage is fairly new, though the concept has been around for years. Often they’re called relaxation massages. Relaxation massage is not quite the same as wellness massage. Nor is wellness massage to be confused with therapeutic massage. There are some distinct differences, which I will explain below. Let’s define Wellness first: the … Continue reading »

Tips: Build mental strength

Image by Getty Images via Daylife It is some very simple things that can be done to build mental strength and find what’s needed to deal with the challenges of life. A good step is to increase your energy as I described last week in Tips: Find new energy. When we feel tired and drained … Continue reading »

Tips: Find new energy

Image via Wikipedia Many of us, especially during the darkest days of the year, feel tired and fatigued and just can’t find energy to do what we want or need to do. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to find more energy. All it takes is some lifestyle changes. Remember, focus on a few steps at a … Continue reading »

Crown diamond wedding

Image via Wikipedia Today it’s the 65th anniversary for my grandparents wedding. Imagine to live with the same person for so long. It’s amazing. They are an amazing couple and I’d like to take the time to talk a bit about them and pay them homage. For they’re an example to look up to. Their … Continue reading »

Stress relief with Cocooning

Image via Wikipedia Cocooning can be a great stress reliever, both from current work stress as well as old emotional wounds. The best way to illustrate this is to use a couple of case studies from some clients I have recently given a cocooning to. One came to me after work with a headache after … Continue reading »

Stress and tensions

Image by Pandiyan via Flickr Stress has a tendency to settle in the muscles, making them tense and eventually painful. For myself, it’s especially the jaw-muscles which tense up and can become so tense and sore that it can be hard to yawn. For many mothers I’ve treated tension is located in shoulders and back. … Continue reading »

More massages, more benefit

Image by Scott M Duncan via Flickr Body Sense recently published an article “Massage Multiplied – benefits of massage improve with frequency” (the PDF file can be downloaded here). In short it tells how frequent massages can improve your overall health and wellness, get rid of injuries and tensions faster and how it serves as … Continue reading »